W ramach naszego miesiąca filmowego, mamy przyjemność zaprezentować kolejną recenzję filmową – tym razem napisaną przez Karolinę. Czy Perfect Strangers [polski tytuł: Dobrze się kłamie w miłym towarzystwie] to film godny polecenia? Sami sprawdźcie!


Perfect Strangers

The film I want to present is a comedy-drama produced by Marco Belardi. Perfect Strangers is well-directed by Paolo Genovese who also is the author of the multi-layered script for this film.

The story unfolds in the present in Italy. Everything starts with a supper at the home of one of the main characters. This film has 7 main actors and each one of them adds their own story to this film. From the beginning, the plot of this film becomes very interesting and even when the actors just sit at the table and talk, they build up the plot to reach a climax. All the time each viewer can feel the aroused curiosity. Finally, there is an unexpected plot twist when one of the main characters asks whether they could play an unusual game and later it becomes only more interesting and exciting. Dialogues are very realistic. The music underlines the feelings and connects all scenes. The film is full of humorous moments and gets extremely dramatic in places. It is also close to reality because this film presents how many secrets we have.

After watching Perfect Strangers you can change the way you think about your family and friends. To sum up, the film is absolutely worth watching. In scale from zero to five, I give this film a five.


image source: http://www.palacefilms.com.au/perfectstrangers/